Prayer Requests

  • Pray for financial donations to come in specifically to be used to help the people of the reservation with propane for heat.

  • Pray for guidance from the Lord regarding direction for work projects on the reservation during our upcoming August 2018 trip.

  • Prayer request for the town of Manderson on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: Please pray that Manderson would be delivered from the many ways that evil has oppressed this town & the people there, and be transformed into a place of safety, beauty and peace.

  • Please pray for the removal, in Jesus’ name, of the spirit of suicide which has been rampant on the reservation.

Prayer Requests for the Pine Ridge Reservation

[This list was compiled by several of the pastors on the reservation.]

1. Pray for an end to the political spirit & spirit of nepotism that, as a gang, have been abusing authority and power in all tribal government, tribal programs, schools, college centers, public safety department, Indian Health Services, hospitals, clinics, KILI radio, etc.

2. Homelessness – Pray for an increase in good homes across the reservation; for an end to homelessness; an end to overcrowding in homes; and an end to people living in cars.

3. Jobs / Economic Development – Pray for more jobs! There is an 85-90% unemployment rate.

4. Pray for better Health Care & Dental Care. Pray for more, and better qualified, doctors and dentists.

5. Pray for an end to the religious spirit that draws people into the sundances.

6. Pray for an end to the bondage of the people that is brought by the drug dealers & the bootleggers. Pray for an end to the epidemic of suicide & hopelessness.

7. Pray for souls to accept and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior. Pray for hope, healing and deliverance to rise across the reservation!