Ministry leaders and founding members:


Pastor Bonnie Licata

Bonnie lives in eastern Tennessee (having re-located in July 2016 from a lifetime in Connecticut) with her husband, ministry team member, Dan Licata. She graduated from Clark University in 1975, and from Faith Teaching & Training Center in 2007. Bonnie has served in many areas of ministry over the years such as: directing & teaching at a school to train pastors and leaders, prayer ministry, visual arts ministry, and connections for new believers. She previously worked on the staff of Faith Living Church, where she was licensed for ministry in 2004 and ordained to the ministry in 2008. Bonnie has retired from her own business as a seamstress and a calligrapher, but still enjoys sewing and doing art work. Her interests are family, reading, Biblical studies, mathematics, and learning piano. With Wo’iyopastake Ministry, Bonnie has visited the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation every year in August since 2011.


Dan Licata

Dan was born in New York City and raised in central Connecticut, but has re-located to eastern Tennessee in July 2016, where he lives with his wife, ministry team member Bonnie Licata. Dan served in the United States Navy 1971-1975 as an aircrew aviator ordnance-man. Dan has served in many areas of ministry such as: children’s ministry, nursery, bus ministry, usher, and most of all in the music ministry working the sound board for the worship teams at his church. Now retired from the field of electrical service & supply, Dan enjoys running, cycling and hiking in the Smoky Mountains. His interests are family, fitness, and reading, especially on historical subjects.

Kelly Pascoe Milliron

Kelly lives in central Pennsylvania where she and her husband run a dairy farm of approximately 130 head of Holsteins and Jerseys.  Her main ministry experiences have been serving in the cafe at two churches (Faith Living Church, CT and Parker Hill Community Church, Clarks Summit/Dickson City, PA), and serving as a teacher for 2-3 year old children at Woodmen Valley Church, Colorado Springs, CO. While previously residing in CO, Kelly took two trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2005,  each time  with a trailer load of donated items to distribute. She is always busy sending out donations to the reservation from various places across the USA. Her interests are reading, helping those in need, working with animals, spending time with family & friends, and spoiling the grandchildren .


Mary Young Bear

Mary White Face Young Bear is a Lakota Native American, living in the central part of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. She grew up speaking the Lakota language before she ever learned to speak English. Mary was raised in a Christian home, but her life and her commitment to Christ took a dramatic leap forward when, in December of 2006, her husband and two oldest daughters died suddenly in a car accident on their way home from Christmas shopping. In that moment Mary chose to immediately forgive the man who drove his vehicle into her family’s car. She recognized her utter need to depend on Almighty God to lead & guide her through the rest of the minutes, weeks, & years ahead. She fully accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord & Savior and became a Holy Spirit filled Christian. Mary oversees a church in her home where she teaches the Bible and leads people in prayer. Mary graduated from Oglala Lakota College in 1991. She worked previously as a DJ at KILI Radio, and as a teacher with the Head Start program. She currently works with special needs children at Little Wound School in Kyle, SD.