Chanku Waste (wash-tay) Medical Center

Pastor Matt Hadden lives in Porcupine, (the heart of the Reservation) with his family. He pastors the church at Sharps Corner, Creator’s Fellowship (formerly Sharps Corner Baptist Church). Matt also has a kids’ camp that goes on all summer, called Chanku Waste Ranch, on 150 acres. He likes to focus on kids, to shape the next generation for Christ. They bus in about 180 kids per day, and it includes breakfast and lunch. This year Covid 19 has affected the camp plans, but Matt stays connected to all the children and families in every way that he can.

Matt’s latest endeavor is a brand new medical building in Porcupine, the heart of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The foundation has been poured and the building has been framed and is progressing very well! Covid 19 has affected this too, but they are still working toward opening in November 2020.

They will begin with vision and dental care. Matt sees the importance of meeting physical needs as well as spiritual needs. There are currently only two Indian Health Services dentists on the whole reservation, and they would rather just pull a tooth than do the necessary work to save the tooth. Volunteer eye doctors and dentists will come in one week out of every month to provide free services to the people. In 2017 we met some of these wonderful doctors who were there with a mobile unit.

Matt also drives a school bus for Rockyford School and he has a welding shop that can certify people to become welders. He can also train and certify people for a CDL license to drive a school bus. He’d like to someday be able to train and certify people for licenses to drive large trucks.

He helps people to get their GED and driver’s license, and they run the Dave Ramsey financial class every quarter at their church.