Links and Resources

Ministries & Links we like:

  • Lakota Hope Ministry, White Clay, Nebraska (right over the line from the Pine Ridge Reservation) led by Abram Neumann


1. TED Talks – Aaron Huey of National Geographic “America’s Native Prisoners of War”

2. The Conference on Justice – Richard Twiss 

A GEM! Please enjoy this and educate yourself!

A 35 min. video of the late Richard Twiss, speaking in 2012 at the Conference on Justice in L.A. Some history, some theology, a lot of humor, and some excellent advice.

“We are to no longer see Native Americans as the mission field; But as co-equal participants in the life, work & mission of Jesus Christ in the earth today.” – R. Twiss

Thanking God again today that Wo’iyopastake Ministry has had the RIGHT FOCUS all along. Our focus is to encourage & support the Lakota pastors & leaders in the good work that THEY are ALREADY doing.


“The Scriptures and Questions of Cultural Matters”, by Pastor Bonnie Licata, ©2018 .  Request from